The origin of Rome April XXI in the distant 753 BC. Distant the Pomerium tracking by the son of God Mars and Rhea Silvia. Is between history and mythology that one of the major civilizations that man has ever known ,born. Our imaginary tour between the suites of Campo Marzio Luxury Suites start with the honor of Romulus, Founder of Rome, great leader and strategist, able to teach people to host the foreigners within the wall a beneficial to the growth of Rome and is peaple. And here at Campus Martius, at the goat bog (now Pantheon site) that is departure, takes place during review of his army surrounded by a mysterious cloud.
The mythology tells that after death appears in a vision to his old comrade Julius Proculus, revealing that “ the will of gods is that Rome became Capital of the world. Romolo is a spacious, airy, and warm Deluxe Room, accommodating an addition to the bathroom. His views in via Campo di Marzio makes it immersed in the city remained discrete and silent.

With designer furnishing enhanced by elements of international signatures, parquet flooring, King size bed, sower cabin, fine linens and courtesy Kit , TV LCD, telephone and safe box.