The Roman charter for excellence, great leader, the gens Lilia in branch of the offspring of the first King and founder of Rome, Romulus to contemporary historian was the first Emperor of Rome, it is he who transform the the republican of Rome into an empire. The protagonist t of army military campaign that push the boundaries of Rome up to the current Births Island, conquering Gaul. Numerous military campaign in Greece, Spain and Egypt, where hi met Cleopatra and had a son from her. He died as result of a conspiracy in the Senate leaving echoes of is deeds to the time.
The location of the Giulio Cesare Suite is not random, placed next to the seductive Cleopatra enjoys a dominant position and control. Faces in the conner of via Prefetti form one side and towards the palazzo Montecitorio, have an massive demotions and enviable location in the light.

With designer furnishing enhanced by elements of international signatures, parquet flooring, King size bed, sower cabin, fine linens and courtesy Kit, TV LCD, telephone and safe box.