Foster, appointed by Emperor Trajan after is death, is remembered as a good, devoted to Rome administration, effective manager of public finances, is the protagonist of a series of measures to increase tolerance towards slaves, great lover of history and and Greek philosophy Build several building, among the most important Villa Adriana at Tivoli and the re-establishment of the Pantheon of Agrippa,as we see it today. The influence of greek culture led him to live in a loving relationship with the young greek Antioo who devoted himself after his mysterious disappearance, the founding of the Antinoopolis City. Journey’s much throughout the Empire.
I ended the conquest of Northern Britain strengthening with Hadrian’s wall. I take care by himself the necessity of the provinces in term of Defense and administration. In honor of a great traveler the description of Adriano Superior that look at a building inside the goblin liaison office.

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